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Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL)

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GTL Short-Term Home Health Care

GTL's Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance can help your clients cover deductibles and co-payments for home health care services. It also includes a Short-Term Home Health Care Aide Benefit, a Prescription Drug Benefit, policyholder access to Ask Mayo Clinic online, and a great set of riders for them to choose from.

This particular plan is more affordable than most other plan of care policies, and it pays benefits directly to your client, regardless of any other insurance they have.

Home Health Care benefits kick in if they suffer a cognitive disability or can’t perform 2 of the 6 Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

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GTL Short-Term Home Health Care Benefits

GTL will pay a daily benefit for each day you receive the following home health care services. Daily benefit amounts will vary by plan selected* (Maximum Benefit Period is 360 days). To qualify for benefits, a Licensed Health Care Practitioner must certify you as having a Cognitive Impairment or the inability to perform at least two (2) of six (6) Activities of Daily Living without substantial assistance (bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring).

* Total benefits payable for all of the home health care services listed above are limited to a combined maximum daily benefit. The combined maximum daily benefit for Plan A is $150, for Plan B is $300 and for Plan C is $450.

This product also comes with a home health care aide benefit, which is:

  • $40 per day under Plan A
  • $80 per day under Plan B
  • $120 per day under Plan C

The maximum benefit period is 60 days.

GTL's home health care plan also comes with a restoration of benefits and a prescription drug benefit.

GTL Short-Term Home Health Care Riders

Available riders include:

  • Accident and Sickness Hospitalization rider
  • Critical Accident Benefit rider
  • Ambulance Benefit rider
  • Dental and Vision Benefit rider
  • Return of Premium rider

State Availability

Visit GTL's website to click on your state and see which products are available. You can also reference this state approvals chart:

Last updated June 3, 2021

New to Short-Term Care/Recovery Care Sales?

We are so passionate about Short-Term Care that we created a complete Short-Term Care Training Hub. This hub includes a training video playlist, a 22-page e-book guide, and marketing materials.