What are your goals for 2014?

Think about the following to add to your practice:

  • Ask every new client about their life insurance
  • Review your current clients' life insurance policies
  • When writing a Med Supp application, ask your client if they’d like to add a 10,000 final expense policy
  • Ask - "Do you have money set aside that is solely to pass on to your kids?"
  • Long Term Care is a HUGE concern for families - talk to them about Life with LTC benefit (including Home Care!)
  • For younger clients - add term life insurance to your practice to protect young families (future Med Supp clients)

We would love to help you add Life Insurance Sales to your business. We do ALL the LEGWORK for you (quoting, ordering all requirements, etc.).

You write the application and we do the rest.

If you are currently writing life insurance, give us a shot to EARN your business with SERVICE, EXPERIENCE, and COMP!

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