Video: Why you should be offering the Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement

If you aren't writing Manhattan Life, you're missing out on a great product. Here's John Hockaday to tell you what you're missing.

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Hey guys, this is John Hockaday with New Horizons Insurance Marketing, and today we're focusing on Manhattan Life.

Manhattan is a carrier out of Houston, TX and we've worked with these folks since 2009. We started with their sister company, Family Life, and now for the last year or two, Manhattan has been the carrier that's in their marketplace.

Really, really like this company, really like the people down there that we work with. They administer all the business in-house, so commissions, claims, underwriting, policy service, everything's done right there in their home office in Houston. So whenever we do have an issue, we have a problem, we need some help, it's really easy for us to get to the right people for you, and get things straightened out.

That means a lot. It sounds easy, but sometimes that isn't the case. With this carrier it's definitely a big plus for them.

Great rates, their rates are very, very competitive in the states that we focus on. In Ohio they're number 1, Indiana they're really close to number 1, like maybe just pennies off. Illinois they're very strong as well.

They've got a great 7% discount that's a household discount, it's a little unusual. If there are two people living in a house basically, and only one application, you still get the 7% off. So that drives the rate even down further.

And then another thing that they have that's strong is they have the best electronic app (I think) in the business. It's super simple, if you're not doing any electronic apps, and you'd like to start, definitely the company to start with - and if you are, you want to check theirs out because I know you're really going to like it.

I just would like for you to take a strong look at Manhattan, honestly it's a puzzle to us why their rates are so good, and yet - we have a lot of agents, but really the amount of business we're bringing in with that particular company isn't where it should be, because they have so much going for them.

So if you have any questions about them, you'd like to explore them, if you're not contracted and you need information, just give us a shout, we'll be glad to help you any way that we can. Give Manhattan a good look. Alright?

Have a great day!

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