Not Many Can Do What You Do!

Most agents that are in the Medicare Market have adjusted throughout their career and continue to take advantage of the dynamic market. Most agents thought the medicare market was finished when the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) changed the commission structure from 60% first year commissions to 25% top level. I was one that thought the direction to go was Long Term Care. Many went to Specified Disease and/or Final Expense. On top of that, we had Standardized plans! I know our future will have change , but remember - it has always had change.

I want to encourage you to get out and vote, as this election has serious impact on our occupation. However, at the end of the day if we have big changes and new rules and regulations remember: NOT MANY CAN DO WHAT YOU DO! We have the ability to do a job that is very unique and we are lucky and fortunate to have the ability to just "get it done."

There are new players entering the market and there are new plans being invented to fill holes in current portfolios. Most of us do not cross-sell like we were trained to do and I really want to encourage you to go back to the fundamentals and cross-sell your clients.

The market has several consumers that have small to large assets, and they have no clue on how to pass this on to their children. If you have any clients that have old Life policies, talk to Kirk Sarff in our office as he can help your client securely leave a legacy to their estate. Don't back up just because you haven't done it before - call Kirk and try it one time and you will do it again, I promise!

Have a Great Day!

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