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There’s lots going on in the Med Supp world heading into the 2016 Annual Enrollment Period. Here’s an update on some of our new carriers.

Succession planning for Farm clients

Sentinel Security Life

Great news for all Illinois agents writing Sentinel’s Med Supp. Effective October 1, 2016 Sentinel announced a small 3% rate increase for plans F, G, & N. We have really been pleased with Sentinel’s overall performance, and a 3% rate increase after their first year in Illinois looks like a home run!

The new rates are on our quote engine.

Welcome, Renaissance Life

An A-rated carrier out of Indianapolis has just gone live for business in Indiana (but not in IL or IA just yet) for Med Supps, with a Dental/Vision rider. We are excited about this new carrier that offers great rates and comp, and is administered by the same folks that handle Sentinel, who we really enjoy working with. Call us for info and contracting.

Thrivent Financial and Liberty Bankers Life

For some time now we've all been waiting for these carriers to “hit the streets” in our respective areas and we are getting there! Thrivent is now live, effective 10/1/2016 in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and some other states (not IN yet), and Liberty Bankers is live 10/1/2016 in Indiana, Iowa, and others (not Illinois yet).

Both carriers are on our quote engine and all forms are on our website.

As we head into the busy fall selling season remember that we are here to help make the season less stressful and very profitable to you.

Good selling!
John Hockaday

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