KSKJ Sales Process Updates Effective June 1, 2016

KSKJ News Bulletin, May 31, 2016

We regularly monitor trends in our business experience and consider how we can continue improving our service to you and your clients and streamline our processing. As a result of that analysis, we will be making the following updates effective 6/1/16:

1. We are suspending our rule of activating policies four business days after they have drafted. We will now activate the day after draft to start the commission payment process sooner. As a safeguard, we will not mail policies until after four business days, or later if we are aware of an initial premium being returned NSF.

2. Bank drafts will now be offered on the first day of the month in addition to the other days currently offered.

**As a reminder, our accounting department will attempt to draft twice before considering it NSF for both new and renewal premium.

Available Draft Dates:01-03-06-10-13-15-17-20-25-28

3. We will no longer offer the premium payment option of monthly direct for the Final Expense product. This will result in the following changes in processing:

a. In-force policies currently on monthly direct may remain so as long as premium is paid on time. If any of these policies miss a payment, they will go to a direct quarterly billing mode or monthly ACH.

b. New applications with an ACH premium mode that have the initial premium NSF will automatically be switched to quarterly billing. In this instance, agents will be notified and asked to collect first premium. Applications without premium received will be classified as not taken.

4. Commission statements will no longer be mailed to agents, as they are available electronically on the agent portal.

Click Here to View the My Account Page on the Agent Portal

Please let us know if you have any questions about these updates.
Thank you for your partnership and service to KSKJ Life.

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