KSKJ Announces Agent Hotline

KSKJ News Bulletin, March 16, 2016

At KSKJ Life, we are committed to providing excellent service to you. Our relationship with you is important to us, and we deeply value you and your contributions to our organization. As a result, we regularly review our processes and the feedback we receive to consider how we can continue evolving to meet your needs as best as possible.

With the sustained growth that we have experienced since early last fall, in conjunction with feedback received from agents attending the January incentive trip, we have decided to dedicate several of our staff to monitor the Agent Hotline.

We are instituting a simple two-option menu:

"1" for New Business/Underwriting and
"2" for all other sales questions.

Traci and Wendy will be fielding the NB/UW calls, and Pam and Lisa will be fielding the sales questions.

Our analysis of the call volume and topics suggest that this system will maintain our personal touch with the intent of providing quicker service to you. If our call volume is high and you do not reach someone immediately, please consider leaving a message. Our staff is committed to serving to you as quickly as possible, and they will respond to messages in the order they are received.

Thank you for continuing to utilize the Agent Hotline as opposed to our general phone number. By doing this, you are helping us capture the data we need to analyze and consider future improvements.

On behalf of our members, Board of Directors, and Home Office staff, thank you for your service and dedication to KSKJ Life!

The Hotline Number is:


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