It’s the 4th Quarter! Activity = Productivity

4th Quarter

You will be seeing a lot of people in the 4th quarter. This is a great time to ask your client about their life insurance.

Case of the Week

An agent we work with asked her client about Life Insurance and found the following:

Client: Female age 68

In their conversation, the client told her agent that:

  • She has a CD maturing in October in the amount of $75,000+
  • She doesn’t really need the money and plans on passing it on to her 2 adult daughters
  • She does NOT have LTC insurance but had a parent that went into nursing home a few years ago.

Solution Presented

John Hancock Life with LTC
Single Premium: $75,000
Death Benefit: $283,422
LTC Benefit: $11,337 monthly (nursing home, home health care, assisted living and adult day care)
Commission: $6,000 (approx.)

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