Full Court Press is on!

I love basketball and with Indiana being ranked number one in the country and Illinois number 10, I felt the need to use basketball terminology. Sorry if you are not a basketball fan, but it is never too late to become one.

We are in the 4th quarter of 2012 and it has been a record breaking end to a great year. We have a full court press on and it's producing big numbers. We are currently fast breaking on a run rate of more than 20 million dollars in new business. We have well over 500 applications pending. That is fantastic and underwriting is really doing a fantastic job. It is so much fun to come to work and see how much business was turned in from the day before. I tell you all of that so that I can tell you this: THANK YOU!

The great thing about you making great sales is that you are making your 2012 end in such a strong and positive way that it makes everyone happy.

Many of you have made a big push to be on the cruise contest we started the end of 2011. We will be ready to get out of the cold in early February and to see John Hockaday in a thong will make everyone tickled that they are on the ship. I hope you continue to have great sales and please note we never take your business for granted, and hope you and your families have very safe and blessed holidays!

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