For AEP, Cash is King

As we enter into the Annual Election Period (AEP) we anticipate another great selling season for 2015. Insurance companies are trying to get you to sell their products the best way they can — with cash incentives. When the holiday season rolls around, you look at the list of people you want to buy gifts for, and mabe some folks you wish you didn't have to buy for. How many times have you thought "I have too much cash in my accounts this year!" NEVER, it does not happen.

We have done business with the people at Manhattan Life for years. They are outstanding to work with, and very agent friendly. For the last quarter of the year, starting September 1, 2015, they are offering a cash bonus for your business. The bonus will take the sting out of Christmas shopping, and give your credit cards a break. With a $100 bonus for each underwritten case and $25 for open enrollment apps, the money is there for the taking. There are a few simple rules but we are optimistic that big money will be paid out to the salesforce. Call us if you have any questions, but you should have received information from AIMC about this rich reward for your sales as we close out 2015.

During our Monday morning meeting, we compared rates on both F and G plans. Our agents were surprised to find Manhattan Life to be either the best in the state or within pennies of the top one. Check your own area on our Quote Engine.

Please join the party and make yourself some good old fashion cash for Christmas! We appreciate you and your business, please let us know if we can be of service to you.

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