Equitable Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustment for Missouri

Equitable News Bulletin, April 18, 2016

Equitable has filed with the Missouri state insurance department for a rate adjustment to our Modernized Medicare Supplement plans (Series 2050). We will begin notifying policyowners of their new rates soon and wanted you to have advance notice.

The Modernized plans we are currently marketing are receiving an increase of:

  • 9.0% for Plan A
  • 9.5% for Plan F
  • 6.0% for Plan G
  • 6.0% for Plan N

Applications dated and postmarked after 5/31/2016 must be submitted with the new rates.

Outlines of Coverage with the new street rates for the Modernized plans (Series 2050) will be available for you to order as needed 15 days before the effective date 6/1/2016. Supplies can be ordered or downloaded from your secure agent website – www.EquiLine.com.

Equitable strives to ensure that our policyowners enjoy true "freedom of choice" in their health care under Medicare while federal lawmakers continue to ignore the need to reform this entitlement program to meet the future needs of an increasing beneficiary population. Consequently, we are ever mindful of our obligation to keep our promise of freedom of choice to our policyowners and at the same time sustain these blocks of business with adequate premiums over their lifetime.

We intend to maintain our continuing commitment to our policyowners of providing them with the very best in insurance protection along with the superior, friendly personalized customer service they and you have come to expect and rely upon.

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