Easier access to forms on our website

Today we launched an update to the way you can access the forms on our website, including rate sheets, outlines of coverage, applications, brochures, and more.

Why we’re changing our forms

Without getting too technical, our old forms were “PDF Portfolios” which is basically a collection of individual PDFs bundled together into one single file. The nice thing about them is that you could download everything you need in one file. The downside was that you had to download them to your computer first, and many of you had trouble opening them, because they require Adobe Reader or Acrobat to open. So we received a lot of support calls about that.

The old style of forms were a pain for us to manage and keep up-to-date, and difficult for agents to use. You complained, and we listened.

How to use the new format

Now, when you visit a carrier page to download forms, you still need to sign in. You’ll see a list of folders named by state. If you’re not signed in, clicking a state will ask you to log in. Once you’re logged in, clicking a state will open a new window showing all the files for that carrier in the selected state. You may then preview the file in your browser, and optionally download it.

More up-to-date going forward

We’re now using Google Drive, which is an online storage system. Now, instead of creating new Portfolio files when we could squeeze it into our schedules, we simply copy new files to Google Drive, which immediately updates our website.

Med Supps for now, other product lines to follow

For now, you’ll see a mix of the old documents and the new ones. Over the next several weeks we’ll be updating our carrier pages and adding the other product lines.

If you have any trouble finding what you need, please reach out to us for help. I hope you find the new way easier to use.

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