Companion Life is now available!

We have been waiting for today to hit since early March.  Companion Life is an A+ rated carrier with a unique marketing strategy.  They have priced their Medicare Supplement with the purpose of looking to be the best in the age group 68-79. This strategy is very exciting to us, because so many companies look to be number one at age 65, but then get hurt on claims since so many 65 year olds put off fixing medical conditions, in order to dodge big deductibles and co-insurance. 

Companion Life

Looking at the first 11 states where they are ready to accept business on June 1, we find them to be one of the hottest products in Illinois. Even at age 65 in Northern and Southern Illinois they are priced as a leader in the market.

We are fortunate to introduce this new carrier to the marketplace, and it is our hope that you'll check out their rates on our Quote Engine (requires sign-in) and see if they can help you stay competitive in the market.

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