Med Supp Update: Best Plan G Rates in Illinois & Indiana

Med Supp Update: Best Plan G Rates

With a 65-year-old female quoting at $99.21, we think you’ll love this competitive carrier.

Prosperity entered the market with a very competitive Plan F, and we’re excited to announce that they’re now on deck with the best Plan G.

The Prosperity Life Plan G is now available in Illinois and Indiana. Also note that the rates in the Chicagoland area are stellar.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll break this up and keep it short.


There are 2 comp models:

  1. Higher comp for 6 years
  2. Level comp for life


There’s a 7% spousal discount.

Here are some quick rates for a female, no discount:

  • Downstate IL
    • 65: $99.21
    • 70: $100.16
    • 75: $116.65
  • Chicagoland
    • 65: $116.12
    • 70: $117.23
    • 75: $136.53

Please take advantage of our quote engine to calculate sample rates for your clients.

We also highly recommend that you get contracted now. Once you’re contracted, you’ll be able to offer these very competitive rates on the spot to your clients.


If you need a push to get familiar with Prosperity, we’re happy to let you know about their incentive trip. The incentive is active until December 31, 2017.

Enjoy the peaceful landscape at the Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado. It’s sure to be an adventure full of exploration and relaxation – we could all use some of that, right?

2017 Prosperity Incentive Trip

To qualify, you need $80,000 Med Supp issued annualized premium.

The trip dates are May 6-11, 2018.

Extra Details

You can be assured that Prosperity is administered by IAS (Insurance Administrative Solutions).

Finally, there is a 12-month advance with no interest.

If you aren’t already contracted with Prosperity, get contracted now!

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