2013 Medicare Supplement Insurance Summit

2013 Med Supp Summit

This past week I attended the Medicare Supplement Insurance Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. In the weeks to come I will be sharing what I learned regarding issues and trends in Medicare Supplement insurance. The political side of our industry was a large part of the sessions I attended. The interest level for those forums were standing room only. One of the expert speakers was Dotti Outland, Director of Government Relations for UnitedHealthcare.  She is a wealth of information and presented: "Federal and State Insights: Latest Changes / What's Next?" which provided some information about what is going on in Washington, and what we should pay attention to in the months to come. 

The overall theme right now is that Medicare Supplements are fine and have escaped the attempted changes that several think-tanks and congressmen have proposed. Currently nothing has serious momentum, but we should keep an eye out on Congress wanting to do away with Plan F, trying to implement a large deductible on part B, or raising the deductible and sharing the Part A deductible to make one large deductible. 

The most common theme in Washington, regardless of party, is raising the Medicare age to 67. This would save billions by year 2020. I hope to give you more information in the weeks to come, as I learned a lot of great information at this event.

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