Why Aetna Hospital Indemnity?

The Hospital Indemnity Flex plan from Aetna (written by CLI) is an excellent pairing for your Medicare Advantage clients.

We wrote a full article on how the Flex plan works here: How Aetna's Hospital Indemnity Flex Plan Works (And How to Sell It)

  • Issue ages 18-89
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Affordable premiums
  • Benefits paid directly to the policyholder or a designated medical provider
  • Helps pay for out-of-pocket costs for medical expenses

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State Availability

The Aetna Hospital Indemnity plan is available in Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, North Dakota, Texas, and Vermont.

The Aetna Hospital Indemnity Flex plan is available in all states except California, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington.

Benefit Riders

Daily Skilled Nursing Facility Indemnity

Skilled care services are services that can only be provided in a nursing facility, on a daily basis, and ordered by a doctor. Admission to the nursing facility must immediately follow a hospital confinement (including observation stays) of at least three consecutive days, with the skilled care being received on a covered day. The benefit is available in $10 units, up to a daily maximum of $200. Choice of covered days includes: days 1-20, days 21-100, or days 1-100.

Doctor’s Office Visit Indemnity

The benefit is available in $10 units, up to a maximum of $60 per visit and up to 20 visits per calendar year.

Outpatient Surgical Procedure Indemnity

The benefit is available in $250 units, up to a maximum of $1,500 per surgical procedure, one time per calendar year.

Hospital Emergency Room Visit or Ambulance Service

Services must be medically necessary and on an emergency basis. The benefit amount for this service is $200 per visit/service, two times per calendar year.

Lump Sum Cancer Fixed Indemnity

This benefit will pay a lump sum amount for the first occurrence of medically diagnosed cancer. Choice of $2,500; $5,000; and $10,000 benefit, once per lifetime. The rider terminates when the policy terminates or the one-time cancer benefit is paid.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

This benefit will pay for each day you receive one of the following therapies on an outpatient basis for treatment of a covered illness or covered injury: occupational, physical, or speech. The benefit is available for 15 or 30 visits per calendar year, $50 per visit.

Aetna HIP Marketing Assets

Aetna has provided agents with a HIP consumer mailer and a HIP consumer postcard.

New to Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP) Sales?

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