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Why Sentinel Final Expense?

For over 70 years, Sentinel Security Life Insurance has provided peace of mind to families across the country. Their final expense product line is no exception.

New Vantage Life Insurance policies are available in three different tiers based on your health, allowing some individuals coverage that other insurance plans might have turned away.

Since all New Vantage policies are whole life policies, your premiums will never go up and your benefits will never go down as long as premiums are paid on time.

Sentinel New Vantage Final ExpenseProduct Information

The Sentinel Plan® New Vantage®I, II, III

  • Helps Cover Final Expenses
  • First Day Coverage Available
  • Free look period that allows cancellation within 20 days of receiving your policy with a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.
  • Guaranteed Coverage For Life (as long as premiums are paid on time)
  • No required medical exams, minimal underwriting, and an application that asks simple yes/no health questions that can be completed over the phone.
  • Easily assignable to a funeral home should you wish

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New to Final Expense Sales?

You've come to the right place!

Check out some of the following resources to learn more about how to sell final expense products.

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