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Why GWIC Final Expense?

When you work with Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC®) for your Final Expense business, you have a partner who helps you succeed in your community today, tomorrow, and in the future.

GWIC provides agents with many tools and resources, including:

  • Agent portal: access commission reports, order supplies, and more
  • Free marketing materials: free marketing assets you can share with clients
  • Quoting tool: get quotes quickly using GWIC's quoting tools
  • MyEnroller e-app program: take apps in the field with or without internet connection with a voice signature
  • MyEnroller demo link: username: testgwic1 / password: Myenroller11
  • Agent field manual: guides you through appointment and set-up
  • Training videos: help you accomplish your sales goals with the GWIC final expense product
  • A- Excellent AM Best Rating

GWIC Final Expense Product Information

The GWIC product is a dual final expense plan that offers 1st-day coverage to those who can answer no to four health questions. If they answer yes to any questions, they are moved to a two-year graded guarantee issue product.

  • Everyone who applies is guaranteed to be issued.
  • Liberal underwriting for first-day coverage
  • No height and weight requirements
  • Multiple HBP Medications = 1st-day coverage
  • Up to 2 oral medications for diabetes = 1st-day coverage
  • Those who can answer a few questions "no" will receive additional benefits
  • 125% bonus of the face amount - $10,000 applied for becomes $12,500
  • GWIC issue age is from 40-80 for both options
  • $1,000 to $40,000 face amounts for Guaranteed Issue

GWIC Quoter – No password or login needed

Check out the policy details in this educational video:

GWIC Agent Portal Tour

Visit the portal: GWIC Agent Portal

GWIC Electronic Quoting and Enrollment Tour

GWIC Final Expense State Availability Map

New to Final Expense Sales?

You've come to the right place!

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