Get Appointed With Medico Insurance Company



Medico was established in 1930 as a health and accident insurer. They have a proven track record in providing excellent products with great rates.

Today, Medico has branched out into three total divisions: Medico Insurance Company, Medico Corp Life Insurance, and Medico Life and Health Insurance Company.

Medico has a wide range of insurance solutions, making it the perfect carrier to contract with.

Product Lines:


Medicare Supplement Insurance


  • No commission decrease on replacements 
  • Household, non-tobacco, and ACH discounts 
  • Variety of plans to choose from 
  • Guaranteed renewable 
  • No pre-existing condition waiting period 30-day lookback 
  • Claims are paid in 3.5 days on average



Short Term Care Insurance


  • Issue ages 18-79 
  • Benefit periods of 120, 240, or 360 days 
  • Elimination period of 0, 15, or 30 days 
  • Daily benefit option of $100-$300 
  • E-app available 
  • 6 months pre-existing condition 
  • Underwriting includes an application, MIB, and interactive phone interview



Cancer Care Insurance


  • 30-day waiting period 
  • Benefit amounts of $10,000-$25,000 
  • Issue ages 18-79 
  • Guaranteed renewable 
  • Covers internal cancers and malignant melanoma 
  • Eligible if you have not had cancer in the past 10 years



Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance


  • Issue ages 18-89 
  • No network – choose any provider 
  • $1,000 and $1,500 policy year benefit options available 
  • Guaranteed Issue – no health questions 
  • $100 policy year deductible