Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL)

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL)

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GTL has two cancer insurance products: Precision Care™ Cancer Insurance and Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

GTL's rates are very competitive and are right in line with comparable products from other carriers!

Precision Care Cancer Plan Details

Precision Care™ Cancer Insurance is designed to help policyholders faced with a cancer diagnosis afford and have access to groundbreaking treatment advancements which may not be covered by other insurance. Precision Care™ gives Policyholders access to TGen’s world class Cancer Physicians and to TGen’s cutting-edge genomic sequencing services while providing cash to pay for these services and the high costs of today’s specialized cancer treatments.

GTL’s Precision Care™ allows your client to select the amount of base coverage that is right for them. The selected lump sum is paid directly to the policyholder if they are diagnosed with cancer so they can focus on recovery and not on their finances!*

Experimental Treatment and In Situ Benefits are included. Policyholders will receive an additional benefit of 25 percent of their chosen Lump Sum amount should they undergo a qualifying experimental treatment that has been approved or endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the National Institute of Health while being treated for cancer. Additionally, PrecisionCare™ will pay 25% of the Lump Sum amount should they be diagnosed with Cancer In Situ.

*In most states, there is a 30-day waiting period, beginning on the issue date of the policy (In other states, there may be coverage for an Initial Benefit Period on the base policy and certain riders).

Additional riders include:

  • Cancer Benefit Builder riders
  • Child Coverage riders
  • Return of Premium riders

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Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Plan Details

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke is a lump-sum benefit amount is paid directly to the policyholder regardless of any other health care coverage they may have upon the diagnosis of cancer or if they suffer a heart attack or stroke. Benefit amounts are flexible and can range up to $75,000 for cancer and $75,000 for heart attack and stroke, depending on the policyholder's specific needs.

Ages 18-65 can get up to $75,000 and ages 66-90 can get up to $50,000. This plan is guaranteed renewable for life.

There are several additional riders available, including:

  • Benefit Builder rider
  • Recurrence Benefit rider
  • Return of Premium rider
  • Intensive Care rider
  • Critical Accident rider
  • Dental/Vision rider
  • Child coverage riders

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State Availability

Visit GTL's website to click on your state and see which products are available. You can also reference this state approvals chart:

Last updated June 3, 2021

Packaging Cancer and Med Supp

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