Senior Market Insurance Announcements

Sentinel Announces Enhances Combo E-APP

May 1, 2018

*Enhancements to the Medicare Supplement Combo E-App* You are no longer required to upload or fax additional medications when there is not enough room on the application for all the applicant's medications. You can simply click "Yes" to the "Does applicant have additional medications" question and a separate medication form will become available. If your Life line of business agent number is different than your Health line of business agent number, you can now complete a combo application for both Medicare Supplement and New Vantage on our E-App! There is now a separate field specifically for your Life line of business agent number. This field is only needed if the Life agent number is different than your Health agent number. Here is the link for the Sentinel Producer Portal to complete an E-APP. To help you through the E-App process, please access the E-*App User Guide*below, which covers everything from navigation to the step-by-step instructions for E-Signature and Voice Signature process to submitting the application. *Medicare Supplement E-App User Guide*

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