Exciting Cigna Enhancements: Underwriting an E-Signature Updates

Exciting Cigna Enhancements: Underwriting an E-Signature Updates
October 24, 2023

Cigna's underwriting used to require a phone call and 5-day wait. Now? You can get a decision in just 3-5 minutes. Learn how it works, plus some other exciting enhancements.

eSignature Features and Functionality

In Person eSignature

  • Live as of 6/14 and available for all products
  • eSignature: Customer types in their name as the signature on the final steps page of the application
  • NO PV needed

Remote eSignature

  • Go-live 9/29 and available only for underwritten Med Supp applications
  • New! Email Secure PIN: Customer receives email with a 6-digit pin
  • Phone Verification: Engage the PV team to obtain case number or opt for an outbound call at a later time

Underwriting Automation

Medicare Supplements have 3 underwriting types:

  1. Open Enrollment
  2. Guaranteed Issue
  3. Underwritten: requires answering medical questions, height/weight & Rx check

The old process required a phone verification for underwritten apps. There was a call with the applicant and Cigna to review questions, read disclosures, and get permission to perform Rx Check. Three to five days later, a decision was made (approved or declined).

For the new process, the e-Signature replaces phone verification, and an underwriting decision is made in just 3-5 minutes!

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