Atlantic Coast Life New E-App Submission Policy

Atlantic Coast Life New E-App Submission Policy
March 19, 2020

To better align with industry standards and the growing digital market, Atlantic Cost Life Insurance Company will be requiring E-App submissions for any annuity application with a purchase premium less than $10,000.

This new policy will be effective April 1, 2020 and will aid Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company in its continuous support of agents with lower premium amounts.

Fun Fact: E-App Usage has more than DOUBLED in the last 9 months!

Why start submitting E-Apps?

  • E-App Bonus
  • Practically eliminates missing requirements
  • Makes for faster processing time getting you paid a lot sooner
  • Avoid copying redundant info
  • Very intuitive and user friendly

To learn more about the E-App, please attend an E-App training this month. Register here!

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