Aetna Commission Payout Schedule Change

Aetna Commission Payout Schedule Change
March 3, 2021

Aetna is adjusting some commission payout dates to better service your business. For commissions payouts that are scheduled for around the 1st of the month, they’ll combine the Wednesday and Saturday commissions into one payout.

Here is the list of the date changes you can expect this year:

Faster service for pending and new business

From an IT perspective, commission payouts are one of Aetna's longest running jobs. That means it can impact their customer service representatives’ ability to service pending and new business. To avoid creating those delays, they've decided to move to one commission cycle on these select weeks.

They made this decision after careful consideration; they understand how this impacts you. Since servicing your clients is a priority for both you and Aetna, they appreciate your flexibility during this change to better service your clients.

Aetna is enhancing their systems

Aetna is working to enhance their commission systems to better serve the business they are fortunate to receive from you. They appreciate your patience and sincerely thank you for your continued business.

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