What Your Book of Business Is Worth (Session 1)

Webinar Recording:
June 14, 2022

Are you curious about how much your book of business is worth? Join John Hockaday of New Horizons as well as Matt Nohl and David Emerton of ACCESS Capital Group for a full primer on valuations.


  • Intro & ACCESS Capital background: 0:00-6:20
  • How big does your book of business need to be? 6:21-6:45
  • Reasons to Sell Your Book of Business: 6:46-9:49
  • What do you need to get a valuation?: 9:50-13:33
  • How long does a valuation take?: 13:34-14:37
  • Can you pull commission statements with the agent over a Zoom call?: 14:38-15:17
  • How do you value a book of business?: 15:18-18:10
  • What types of products do you look for in a book of business?: 18:11-19:52
  • What affects the value of your business?: 19:53-23:20
  • Med Supp vs. Med Advantage: 23:21-26:43
  • Is there any variation in value depending on which carriers you sell?: 26:44-29:02
  • With New Horizons and ACCESS Capital working together, who am I actually selling my book of business to? How do you work together?: 29:03-31:51
  • Timing: Now or Later?: 31:52-36:17

❓ Q&A Session Begins at 36:18 ❓

  • Do you buy books of business primarily made of term policies?: 36:27
  • How do you value a book of business that's 25% Med Supp and 75% Annuity?: 36:40
  • Do you charge a fee to do a valuation?: 39:00
  • Do you have any kind of buyout program that's not a lump sum upfront?: 41:52
  • How many years of commissions do you put into the valuation?: 45:50
  • On MAPD policies sold, does the agent have to keep recertifying each year?: 46:57
  • Does ACCESS Capital work with other Integrity partners? 48:16
  • Do intangibles factor into the valuation, such as having a CRM with lots of notes and a great referral stream?: 49:38
  • Is there a certain time of year that's good to sell your business?: 51:16

Conclusion & Session 2 information: 44:10-45:49

This webinar is the first session in the series, "Valuing & Selling Your Book of Business." Check out the other webinars in this series: https://www.newhorizonsmktg.com/announcements/introducing-the-new-webinar-series-valuing-selling-your-book-of-business

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