Wellcare 2021 Part D Portfolio First Look

View the 2021 portfolios at a glance.

2021 highlights include:

  • Robust portfolio of products and plans across all 50 states
  • Enhanced benefits through increased scale and product diversification (HMO, HMO POS, PPO, PFFS and Nationwide PDP)
  • For 2021, Centene Corporation will be offering plans to over 45 million beneficiaries, which accounts for 81% of the eligible beneficiaries in our 33 states. This represents a 5% increase from 2020.
  • Limited premium increases; some plans may even have premium decreases.
  • New for 2021, Walgreens added to preferred network, along with CVS and most grocers, for five out of six plans.
  • Wellness RX continue to be anchored by Walmart as preferred (instead of CVS/Walgreens).
  • WellCare Patriot and AllWell Simple plans available for Veteran members.

*Agent use only. Confidential and proprietary. Not to be distributed or shared with Medicare beneficiaries. Distribution to any person or company is prohibited and may be grounds for contract termination. Plan and benefit information contained in this document is pending government approval and subject to change. Final 2021 plan and benefit information may be discussed with beneficiaries on or after October 1.

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