Lifetime Commissions for Illinois Agents!

CSI Life Delivers Again!

CSI Life

When it comes to delivering real value at the producer level it’s hard to imagine any other company that does it better than CSI Life.  By now, you should have received your new compensation schedule with CSI Life reflecting significant lifetime renewals for producers that achieve Tier II status. That may not seem like a big deal right now but it will before you know it. Six years goes by in a hurry! Not only did CSI Life significantly increase compensation for Tier II producers in years 7–10, they increased it at the same level for the life of your business!

And, based on their rate stability over the past 5 years with their sister company, CSI, you can expect CSI Life to be just as good at keeping your clients happy and renewing. We were thrilled to see a 0% increase on Plan G with CSI Life in Illinois well into the 2nd year of this program.

And we are just as thrilled to see so many of you reaching Tier II status, which significantly increases your compensation level. Now with the addition of lifetime renewals for Tier II producers, there is really no reason to look elsewhere to place your Medicare Supplement business. CSI Life rewards top producers like no other company we have ever represented!

How to reach Tier II

Reaching Tier II compensation status with CSI Life is relatively easy to do. During any 15 month period, when you achieve 50 in-force Medicare Supplement cases with CSI Life, then you automatically move from Tier I to Tier II compensation status. Your compensation is increased by a significant amount per case and, the company even retroactively pays you on the 50 in-force cases that qualified you for Tier II status to make them equal to the Tier II compensation level.

It’s a huge deal and provides Tier II producers with a substantial increase in compensation. Think of it this way – 4 issued cases a month will easily qualify you for Tier II status! If you want more detail about achieving Tier II status with CSI Life, then simply give us a call.

CSI Life is the real McCoy. Very competitive rates, stable rate history, an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior), effective June 12, 2015 and a member of the prestigious Berkshire Hathaway family of companies places CSI Life in a class of its own!


Make CSI Life your carrier of choice for your Medicare Supplement business and watch your renewal check grow and grow and grow… for as long as it renews!

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