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Being a brand new agent in the senior market can be a challenge, but rest assured that this industry is booming! With over 10,000 baby boomers aging into Medicare every day, there’s a huge market for people just like you.

New Horizons has tons of resources for new agents, including a training program, new agent guides and resources, and an awesome staff that’s ready to meet you and help you get going.

Meet Luke Hockaday


Luke Hockaday is likely one of the first people you’ll meet when you join our family of producers here at New Horizons. He knows exactly what your struggles will be as he’s also a personal producer and has been selling senior insurance since 2011. Luke can guide you to the right carriers in your area based on competitive pricing and also underwriting niches that are great to have in your back pocket. If you need product knowledge and support at your fingertips, Luke is your guy.

Meet Shannan Weaver


Shannan Weaver is the Field Communications Director and helps agents with everyday issues that are sure to arise. She’s well-versed with quoting, product information, and the back-office support you’ll grow to rely on. Shannan has been with us since 2012 and is a wonderful, genuine, and upbeat individual to have on our team. Whether you’re chatting in on our website or are calling in with a quick question, you’re sure to brush paths with Shannan!

Meet Ginny Dunker


Ginny Dunker is our Contracting Specialist, and she is truly one of the best in the industry. Ginny handles all of the paperwork, contracting, and licensing to ensure you’re ready to sell with the best carriers in your area. She goes above and beyond to save you time and hassle by pre-filling out applications with your information and sending it to you to review and sign. We’re confident that once you work with Ginny, you’ll never look back!

New to the senior market?

Medicare Basics for New Senior Market Insurance Agents

If you're brand spankin' new to senior market insurance sales, your first step is to learn about how Medicare works.

The problem is that Medicare is complex, with plans and parts and regulations and enrollment periods... it's a lot.

If you've been wanting to get into senior market insurance sales, namely Medicare Supplements, you'll need a comprehensive understanding of Medicare first.

The Beginner's Guide to Selling Medicare Supplements

There are a lot of guys and gals who want to break into supplement sales, but they need a serious crash course. This guide is perfect if you want to start a career in senior insurance, but it's especially great for those already offering products and services relating to insurance and finances.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover why you should consider selling Medicare Supplements, product basics, client profiles, sales tips, quoting tools, lead generation, contracting, and more!

New Year, New Career: How to Break into Senior Market Insurance Sales

About 10,000 seniors age into Medicare every single day. Think about that. 10,000 ideal customers are prepped and primed for your services each and every day.

In other words, senior insurance isn’t going anywhere.

Beyond serious job security, there are 5 major reasons that you should seriously consider senior market insurance sales.

Looking for an FMO?

Do Independent Agents Really Need a Field Marketing Organization (FMO)?

When you sign on directly with an insurance carrier (and even that’s debatable), you get the same commission that you’d get with us.

The reason it’s debatable is because very rarely will you actually be signing directly with the company. There’s almost always a middle man of some kind.

So, if you’re making the same commission, why not sign on with someone who can offer way more support along with a ton of other perks?

10 Questions You Should Ask a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) Before Contracting

All insurance agents will need to find a good FMO at some point, but looking around on Google and spying on the insurance forums will only get you so far.

So, if you’re searching for a new upline and want to be sure you make the right choice the first time around, we’ve got a few pointers along with 10 questions you should consider asking that FMO before you get appointed.

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All Star Program

Introducing the All-Star Insurance Training Program

All-Star Attendee
“Using the skills I learned from this training program, I earned over $8,000 in commission before I even finished the course.”
–“Donut” Mahon

  • 98 training videos
  • 7 hours of training time
  • 8 video conference sessions with coach and trainer Michael Sams
  • Ongoing training and mentorship
  • Production tracking and reporting
  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • Technology and systems to improve your efficiency
  • Growth management and support

Everything we’ve done to build and increase our local agency’s production is now at your fingertips.

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