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Why Everest Medicare Supplement?

Everest is not your typical new Medicare Supplement entrant. Their focus is to enter the market as a long-term, viable, and fierce competitor.

  • Experienced Underwriters
  • No premium load based on weight
  • No underwriting premium loads
  • Easy to use E-app
  • Convert paper applications to E-app
  • Advances paid daily
  • Up to 15-month advance
  • Just-In-Time appointments

Everest Underwriting Highlights

  • Agents can talk directly with an Underwriter
  • No co-morbidity underwriting – one rate only
  • The standard Height/Weight is broad and encompasses weights that other carriers add premium loads to
  • Consideration Underwriting for select medical questions
    Recent underwriting studies reflect a notable percentage of declinations associated with the heart/stroke or musculoskeletal/arthritic questions. Everest will consider these conditions if no acute occurrences in the past 2 years and considered stable.
  • Accepts up to 100 units of insulin
    Most carriers accept up to a 50-unit maximum. Everest does apply a special Ht/Wt chart for diabetics, but no premium loads if approved

State Availability

Current as of 8-1-19

Signature Options

There are 3 a-app signature options available:

1. Digital Signature (select “Signature Pad” option on E-APP”)

  • Client signs the application with a mouse or finger pad

2. Click & Accept (select “Electronic Signature” option on E-APP”)

  • Once the agent completes the application process, the system will generate an email to the applicant, who enters website with credentials and follows the click accept process
  • This is the only E-APP signature option that mandates a valid email address as the system must send an email to the applicant with a link (and credentials) to login and complete the signature process.
  • IMPORTANT: If the agent selects this signature option, the system generates an email to the applicant after the agent helps “Create a UserID” for the applicant. The UserID is included in the system generated email. If the applicant does not receive the email, there are two options:
    1. Return to the E-APP and click the available “Re-Send Email” button; or,
    2. Direct the applicant to http://considermyapp.com/everest. Once accessed, the applicant enters the UserID to complete the signature process. The “Consider My App” link is also located on www.everestre.com/medicaresupplement

3. Wet Signature (select “Print Documents” option on E-APP)

  • Agent uses E-App system to complete the application process, but prints a copy for applicant to sign and submits via mail/upload/fax

Household Discount

The Everest Household Discount is 7%, but that can vary by state. Check out our Household Discount Cheat Sheet, which is currently available for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

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Rate Changes

View all rate changes by the month here.

E-Application Video Tutorial

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