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Why Lincoln MoneyGuard ® II?

Planning ahead with Lincoln MoneyGuard® II gives your clients flexible options beginning at age 40. This universal life insurance with an optional long-term care benefit rider* gives you a choice of premium payment options of one through 25* years.

Unlike traditional long-term care insurance, policy costs are set at issue and will never increase provided your premiums are paid as planned and no loans or withdrawals are taken. This policy provides benefits, even if you never need care, provided all total planned premiums are paid.

  • No deductible or waiting period for long-term care benefits to begin, once you are eligible
  • An income tax-free death benefit to help protect your legacy*
  • Streamlined underwriting with no medical exams or lab tests required
  • International benefits if qualified long-term care is needed while you’re abroad*
  • Optional inflation protection
  • Couples discount

Benefits will be used

You get more for your money because this policy provides income tax-free reimbursements for qualified long-term care expenses worth more than the premium payments.* Once eligible, there's no deductible or waiting period, which could make a real difference in the total out-of-pocket costs for qualified long-term care expenses.

This policy provides an income tax-free death benefit. Children, or other loved ones, designated as beneficiaries, will receive a legacy.* The death benefit would be reduced by any loans, withdrawals and benefits paid.

You may choose to maximize the long-term care benefits. A return of 80% of paid premiums is available once all total planned premiums are paid.*

Or you can maximize the return of premium — 100% return of premium is available after year five, subject to the vesting schedule below, provided all premiums are paid as planned; additional cost applies.*

Vesting schedule

  • Year 1: 80%
  • Year 2: 84%
  • Year 3: 88%
  • Year 4: 92%  
  • Year 5: 96%
  • Year 6+: 100%

Extra Benefits

  • Add inflation protection options* to help keep pace with rising long-term care costs.
  • Feel confident if you live abroad because the policy includes international benefits.

*25-pay is only available to clients, age 40. After age 40, this option grades down by one year at each subsequent age.

*Long-term care reimbursements are generally income tax-free under IRC Section 104(a)(3). The benefit is subject to annual and monthly maximums and is available for a specific number of years based on the optional riders purchased (up to 7 years).

*Beneficiaries may receive an income tax-free death benefit under IRC Section 101(a)(1).

*Through the Value Protection Rider (VPR) available at issue on all policies. The money returned will be adjusted for any loans, withdrawals and benefits paid, and may have tax implications. Rider contains complete terms and conditions. If surrendered before the planned premiums are paid, the surrender value will be paid.

*Available at an additional cost.