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Why Foresters Final Expense?

Foresters is a fraternal benefit society with a global network of over 2 million members. Members enjoy unique member benefits including competitive academic scholarships, financial counseling and discounted legal services as well as opportunities to give back through volunteering opportunities.

Foresters Final Expense plan, PlanRight Whole Life Insurance, has the following benefits:

  • Provides lifetime life insurance coverage (up to age 121)  
  • Guaranteed level premiums
  • Your beneficiary will generally not owe any income taxes on the benefit
  • No medical testing or exams

Foresters PlanRight Whole Life Final Expense Product Information

Foresters PlanRight Whole Life Insurance (PlanRight) is a permanent, whole life product which provides a guaranteed, level premium and makes use of a simplified application and underwriting process.

PlanRight is designed to help cover final expenses such as the costs associated with funeral and burial expenses, probate fees, or other financial obligations that an Applicant’s family may face in the event of death.

PlanRight has three certificate types that offer different levels of coverage:

  1. PlanRight Level: the death benefit is based on 100% of the face amount in effect.
  2. PlanRight Graded: has a limited death benefit in the first two years, which is based on the greater of a) the sum of the total premiums paid accumulated with 4.5% interest, or b) 30% of the face amount in effect in the first year, and 70% of the face amount in effect during the second year. From year three onward, the death benefit is based on 100% of the face amount in effect.
  3. PlanRight Modified: has a limited death benefit in the first two years which is based on the return of premiums paid plus 10% interest. From year three onward, the death benefit is based on 100% of the face amount in effect.

PlanRight certificates automatically include a Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider that can provide an additional death benefit if you die of accidental injuries that occur while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier, such as a plane, bus or a train.

You can add, at an extra cost, an optional Accidental Death Rider to PlanRight with a Level Death Benefit, which can pay an additional benefit in case of accidental death.

State Availability

Foresters is available in every state. Here is a comprehensive state availability chart.

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Understanding Life Insurance

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New to Final Expense Sales?

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