Why Sell SureBridge Dental?

SureBridge provides online sales tools to make cross-selling supplemental plans easy.

  • A single electronic application for all products
  • A single draft of client accounts is made, regardless of the number of products purchased
  • Combine-and-compare quoting functionality
  • Accommodates individual product & benefit selections by family members on the same application
  • Smart application technology asks required questions only

Plus, by representing SureBridge products, you will have the opportunity to earn competitive commission income that is much higher than health insurance.

Details Clients Love

  • SureBridge Pays Cash Benefits: Most Medicare plans pay your client's doctors, but SureBridge supplemental health insurance plans pay your client! Use the money for expenses like eyeglasses.
  • Affordable Premiums: SureBridge senior dental policies start as low as $21 a month. Plus, premiums do not increase as you get older.
  • 100% coverage for many routine services
  • Large network of providers to choose from – go to dental.chesapeakeplus.com to find the Maximum Care dentist in your area.

SureBridge Producer Support Hotline

Personal assistance with a range of questions including licensing, commissions, application status, plans, and more.

(888) 797-4447

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (all time zones)

Email: producersupport@surebridgeinsurance.com

Dental, Vision & Hearing Products From SureBridge

Dental PPO

Provides benefits for covered expenses through Network Providers and Non-Network Providers.

  • Preventive/Diagnostic – periodic exams and X-rays used to identify problems and recommend solutions for your teeth, gums and mouth.
  • Basic and Major Restorative Services – tooth repair and replacement, from fillings and crowns to oral surgery (major restorative services covered by Premiere plan only).

Through SureBridge's Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental plans, your clients will have access to a nationwide network of 135,000 providers and dental services that are not included in their Original Medicare plan.

Premiere Vision

Provides network and non-network benefits including comprehensive eye examinations, corrective lenses, contacts and frames.

  • 100% coverage for routine eye exam*
  • Discounts on contact lenses and additional savings from EyeMed*

An annual eye exam can help identify the early signs of serious health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s why it’s important to have vision coverage that can offer your clients savings on vital eye care, including exams and prescription glasses – benefits that are not included in their Original Medicare plan.

A SureBridge vision plan will give your clients access to thousands of network retail providers nationwide, including locations in Target®, LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision® and other private practitioners. Clients can choose from as many as 87,500 vision care providers nationwide.

*Per insured, per 12-month period | EyeMed is a discount program only and not insurance.

Dental, Vision & Hearing

Provides dental, vision, and hearing covered services under one policy for a single premium.

  • 100% coverage with no waiting period for routine dental, vision, and hearing exams.
  • Clients can choose from a network of more than 135,000 dental care providers nationwide. They can get vision care from any provider of their choice. Plus, they can access hearing benefits at more than 3,800 TruHearing® provider locations across the country.

The SureBridge dental, vision, and hearing plan provides covered services under one policy for a single premium. It’s a more affordable way for your clients and their family to get regular checkups, which can help prevent serious health conditions. Coverage is available at thousands of providers nationwide.

The CAREINGTON Maximum Care Network provides access to preventive, basic, and major dental care. The TruHearing® network administers the hearing benefits and offers discounts on hearing aids.

SureBridge Dental State Availability

SureBridge products are available almost everywhere for you to offer to your clients. To see what products are available in the state you are licensed in, visit the SureBridge website and select your state from the dropdown at the bottom of the page.

New to Dental, Vision, and Hearing Sales?

Senior consumers search for dental insurance more than you might think – in fact, for one our local agencies, it's one of the top online lead generators. Whether you think dental insurance is a waste of your time or not, it’s what people are searching for. And you know the saying… give the people what they want!

The fact of the matter is that there’s a huge need for it in the senior market. Why?

  • Medicare doesn’t cover most dental services
  • About 74 million Americans don’t have dental coverage (about 23% of the entire population)
  • 76% of seniors say they plan to visit the dentist within the next year

So… people need it, and they can’t pay for it.

That explains why dental insurance is one of the most popular ancillary product sales for Medicare-eligible clients.

If you want to get started with DVH insurance, you really don't need much training. We encourage you to call us and ask for Luke Hockaday – he will help you get going! (Phone: 888-780-7676; Email Luke Hockaday.)

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