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The Bankers Fidelity Vantage Care Lump Sum Cancer Insurance Policy offers protection above and beyond traditional cancer coverage.

Cancer Plan Details

  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Plan type: Lump sum
  • Benefit amounts: $5,000-$75,000
  • Issue ages: 18-99 (18-74 for Specified Disease Benefits)
  • Unisex rates
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Benefits include Carcinoma in Situ Benefit and Optional Heart-Stroke Benefit
  • Eligibility requirement: No cancer in past 5 years

State Availability

Sample Rates

Sample rates pulled for Iowa in November 2019. For Lump Sum Cancer (100% Carcinoma In Situ), Non-Tobacco. Does not include Heart Attack & Stroke.

Heart Attack and Stroke Coverage

Clients can choose to purchase a Lump Sum Cancer & Heart & Stroke if they choose. The premiums are about double the cost of a Lump Sum Cancer.*

*Check the rate chart as this is an average based on looking at ages 65-74. The premiums start to be more than double after this age band.

Packaging Cancer and Med Supp

New to Cancer Insurance?

Read The Ultimate Guide to Selling Cancer Insurance to Seniors, and you'll not only get full explanations for all the stats on this handout, but you'll learn how to bring up the conversation, what company you should sell, and everything in between.

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