Wellabe's New Short-Term Care Plan Is Live!

Wellabe's New Short-Term Care Plan Is Live!
August 22, 2023

Wellabe's STC plan is designed to help clients age in place after they are unable to perform at least 2 of 6 ADLs or have cognitive impairments and are under a care plan.

Think of it as limited long-term care.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone 40-89 years of age
  • 11 underwriting questions
  • Unisex rates

Where is it?

Here are the initial 10 states with more to come: CO, GA, IA, IL, MI, MO, NE, TX, WA, WV

Key Product Information

Depending on the level of coverage they qualify for, a client can have 90-360 days of service (Essential Care Plus and Essential Care plans).

The max daily benefit is $300 under the Essential Care Plan.

The rates are incredible – Wellabe averages 10% less than their competitors.

Plus, Wellabe is offering an amazing kick-off incentive. Log into our website and visit this page to view the amazing bonus for 5 apps.

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