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Video: How CSI Life Med Supp Commissions Work

Jan 9, 2015

CSI Life's new Medicare Supplement has a commission structure unlike any other carrier. John Hockaday explains how it works, and why it's so great.

How it Works

Example: Illinois, Plan F, Years 1-6

CSI Life uses a 2-tier system. Both tiers pay a flat fee commission per app.

Tier I

$275 per app, for apps 1-49. 

Writing your 50th app within 15 months automatically moves you to Tier II. 

Tier II

$365 per app, for apps 50 on.

Plus - CSI Life pays retroactively for apps 1-49 after you make it to Tier II. 

So you get $90 per app ($365-275) paid after hitting 50!
The total comp for 50 apps would be $18,250!

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