Update to Atlantic Coast Life and Sentinel Network Issue

Update to Atlantic Coast Life and Sentinel Network Issue
April 19, 2021

A message from Atlantic Coast Life (also applies to Sentinel)

On Thursday, April 15th, Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company (“the Company”) first announced that the Company was facing a network issue impacting our computer and operating systems. Since the start of the incident, a thorough investigation has been underway to determine the source of the outage and to implement the proper response plans. Through our investigative efforts, we are now able to confirm that the network issue developed due to a highly sophisticated virus hitting the network environment of Secure Administrative Solutions (SAS), the third party administrator of Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company, on Thursday, April 15, 2021. The attack has resulted in a disruption in access to SAS’s computer systems and is impacting the following:

  • Agent Licensing and Contracting
  • Agent, Consumer and Provider Portals and eApp Access
  • Commissions
  • New Business, Underwriting and Policy Issuance
  • Premium Billing, including EFT Transactions
  • Claims and Distribution Processing
  • Policy Service and Policy Maintenance (i.e. address changes)

Additionally, it is imperative that you are aware that the cyber attack was not on the computer environment of Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company. The attack was unfortunate, but solely impacted Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company’s IT capabilities through SAS and should be resolved quickly. The Company has had a record-breaking year in sales and is excited to continue this strong trend into the rest of 2021.

Immediately upon SAS’s discovery of the attack, emergency response protocols were implemented, and SAS disconnected outside access to its network to contain the potential threat and protect data. The company has initiated a comprehensive response plan and activated key partners to help navigate and respond to the impacts of the attack.

SAS has also hired independent computer forensic firms to conduct an investigation and determine how this occurred, to confirm that no protected health information was impacted and to recommend additional security measures to prevent similar attacks in the future. As of now, there is no evidence to suggest that PHI, PII, HIPAA-related, or policy holder data maintained through SAS’s systems has been exfiltrated.

Please be assured, Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company is working diligently with SAS to restore systems and resume services as quickly as possible. Although we do not have a firm timetable as to when full service will be restored, some systems should begin to come on line as early as Tuesday afternoon with service capability approaching normal by the end of the week.

Although still in the early stages of the investigation with limited information, we are committed to open communication and will continue to provide updates as we progress through the restoration process. At Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and are deeply sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you.


The Atlantic Coast Life Management Team

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