UnitedHealthcare Intent to Move Process Updates

UnitedHealthcare Intent to Move Process Updates
May 8, 2023

Important Update: UnitedHealthcare is making changes to their Intent to Move (ITM) process, effective May 1, 2023.

UnitedHealthcare will begin processing ITMs after 90 days — previously this took place after 180 days

  • ITMs received in good order by May 31, 2023, will be processed regardless of the blackout rules
  • Agent Lifecycle Management (ALM) will provide lists to each receiving upline of agents that are now eligible to move — and submission is required  
  • ALM will also reach out to agents letting them know their window is open

Updated guidelines for accepting ITMs for agency level contracts

  • Within the guidelines, agencies below the NMA level are now eligible to move
  • Agencies must be with their current NMA for 6 months prior to submission
  • Agencies can only move at the same or lower level

Upon receipt of the ITM, ALM will temporarily “freeze” downline producers, with:

  • No releases
  • No hierarchy movement
  • Promotions allowed within existing structure
  • All downline producers will move with the agency

For your reference, agent guides will be updated and can be found on the UHC Jarvis agent platform by going to the Knowledge Center and selecting Guides. Agent Lifecycle Management will begin processing the existing volume immediately.

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to serving your clients!

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