SILAC Announces Elevation™ Riders for Teton Policies

SILAC Announces Elevation™ Riders for Teton Policies
June 19, 2023

SILAC is proud to announce Elevation™ and Elevation™ Plus. These optional riders can be added to any Teton® or Teton® Bonus policy.

Elevation™ provides enhanced liquidity benefits. Elevation™ Plus provides an additional premium bonus and enhanced liquidity benefits. There is an annual spread that applies during the withdrawal charge period.

Sign up for an upcoming training webinar here. Available dates include June 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

Please join to learn about:

  • 10% free withdrawal benefit!
  • Ways to increase the premium bonus... up to 15%
  • First-of-its-kind withdrawal benefit
  • Case studies
  • So much more!

Everyone needs to complete Elevation product training in order to offer Elevation or Elevation Plus with Teton® & Teton® Bonus.

As with all SILAC® launches, these live webinars will count towards product training. Please register with your name and agent number, then stay for the duration of the webinar.

The Elevation microsite is live and can be found here! It has highlight sheets, brochures, and other marketing pieces.

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