Real-time Underwriting Now Available with Humana Medicare Supplement E-apps

Real-time Underwriting Now Available with Humana Medicare Supplement E-apps
August 25, 2023

As of August 24, 2023, all Humana Medicare Supplement applications submitted via e-Hub or FastApp that require underwriting now go through Humana's new Real-time Underwriting.

What this means for you and your clients

  • Get a response to your app submission within minutes. And there are no extra steps for you.
  • More efficient underwriting for you and your clients

How it works

  • If the application passes medical underwriting it will be passed to the enrollment team for processing
  • If it is determined that the application requires further review it will go to the Humana Underwriting Team for further evaluation
  • If the application is denied for any reason, written notification is sent to the applicant with instructions on how to obtain a copy of their history report. The applicant’s medical history will not be discussed with the Agent. If an applicant questions the reason(s) for the decline, they can reach out to the Humana Underwriting Team at 1-800-825-7858, option 4.

How will I be notified?

  • Agents will be notified of underwriting decisions within their Vantage portal after a few moments via an alert banner and in the New Application feed (see visuals below). Note: The Vantage page may need to be refreshed for results to appear.
  • Agents will also be notified via all channels they have opted into; text, email, and/or letter. If you’d like to opt into or change your communication preferences, go to your Profile on Vantage and under Enrollment Status Notification/Preferences, choose how and how often you’d like to receive communications.
  • If you have any health questions(s) and/or pre-screens, the Humana Underwriting Team is here to assist agents at 800-825-7858, option 4

Guidelines to keep in mind when submitting underwritten applications for a time-saving experience

  • Be sure to refer to the Underwriting Guidelines brochure available on Vantage (under Medicare Supplement) for medications and conditions that may be denied
  • Yes, Humana takes applicants with Hypertension and/or cholesterol treatment. Applicants will NOT be automatically denied. Underwriting will validate conditions are controlled and compliant with treatment for consideration.
  • Asthma will be considered for approval
  • Depression controlled on medications will be considered for approval
  • The top medical condition reason for decline – pending surgery or pending follow-up treatment not completed
  • The top medication reason for decline – blood thinners. However, a one-time fill for a surgery with a full recovery may be considered.

Alert Banner:

New Application Feed:

Humana is making every effort to provide a seamless and simple process. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

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