Paxlovid on Medicare Plan Finder

Paxlovid on Medicare Plan Finder
January 29, 2024

On Monday, February 12, 2024, Paxlovid will be available to add as a prescription drug when comparing plan drug costs on Medicare Plan Finder.

Additionally, the following footnote will be applied to Paxlovid when it appears on the Drug Coverage section of the MPF Plan Details page:

“This Medicare drug plan may offer Paxlovid for $0 through a patient assistance program. Contact the plan to find out if it’s participating in the program. What if the plan doesn’t participate?”

When a user clicks on the “What if the plan doesn’t participate?” link, the following text will appear:

“You can still get Paxlovid for free, but you'll need to enroll in Pfizer's patient assistance program. If you get Paxlovid without enrolling in the program, you'll have to pay some of the costs.”

When clicking on the “patient assistance program” link, the user will be directed to the following website:

*Image credit: Flickr

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