Next All-Star Training Program Begins April 12, 2021

Next All-Star Training Program Begins April 12, 2021
March 29, 2021

The next All-Star Training Program class begins April 12, 2021. The 8-week bootcamp helps senior market insurance producers perfect their sales process with 8 different product lines, including:

  1. Cancer insurance
  2. Annuities
  3. Life insurance
  4. Long term care solutions
  5. Medicare Advantage and MSA
  6. Hospital indemnity
  7. Medicare Supplement
  8. Part D (prescription drug plans)

The Client Needs Assessment grounds the course – it’s a fact-finder agents will use to uncover needs and present solutions.

“If someone just handed me a Client Needs Assessment, I could look through it, but nowhere close to the depth that Mr. Sams taught us,” Ethan Braden, a graduate of the last All-Star Program, explains.

Ethan Braden, brand new to senior market sales and All-Star Program graduate

Another recent graduate, Brandon Graham, agrees, saying, “I have an understanding of ancillary product lines, but I never really had a process in place to implement cross-selling. With the Client Needs Assessment, I do. And every module of the course ties back to that Client Needs Assessment.”

Brandon Graham, growing an agency with about 5 years of senior market sales experience

Brandon also says he found the structure of the course to be incredibly helpful for retaining information.

“An agent can sit down, get all the digestible information, and show their knowledge back with the quizzes,” he says. Brandon has about 5 years of experience in senior market sales and is growing an agency.

Example of the quizzes in the 8-week training – each section has a short quiz (10 questions or less) to help with information retention.

Every Thursday morning, all students meet to discuss the topic, ask questions, and roleplay selling scenarios.

Ethan explains, “I liked how personal it was. Being able to talk to Mr. Sams and also the other agents on the Zoom calls every week. They’re great people.”

If you’re brand new to senior market sales, Ethan says the All-Star Program is a no-brainer:

“I would definitely recommend the All-Star Program to new agents like myself or even experienced agents. Learning from someone like Mr. Sams, who takes such good care of his clients and has a big book of business – it helps no matter how experienced you are as an agent.”

If you are an experienced agent, Brandon says going through the program gives you actionable steps to present products you’ve known about but have never actually sold.

“You get the big picture,” he says. “I haven’t seen any company put together such a thorough, regimented training program. I was so impressed with how easily it flowed.”

A look inside the All-Star Training Program's learning management system (LMS). The LMS includes all of the videos, quizzes, and downloads. Each weeks opens up a new module which is discussed as a group on Thursday mornings.

If you have hesitations about the All-Star Program but are interested in trying it, you can sign up for a free, two-week trial, which covers the Client Needs Assessment and Cancer Insurance.

If you want to secure your spot for the 8-week program, you can purchase your seat in the course online.

Each course is limited to 15 students, and paid seats will take priority over trial seats.

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