New Networking in a Box Program (Free Downloads)

New Networking in a Box Program (Free Downloads)
April 9, 2024

Building relationships with local providers is a great way to grow your business.

Use these materials to help you become a successful advocate in your community, helping patients get the Medicare plan that’s best for them.

Networking Kit Materials

The networking kit includes:

  • Agent Introduction Letter: Introduce yourself as a Medicare resource patients can trust.
  • Flyer: Leave behind to remind providers how you can help their patients by answering their Medicare questions.
  • Provider How-to Guides: Guides for each kind of provider you may work with: doctor, pharmacy and dental offices. Each one has simple tips to help you serve their needs.
  • Provider Types Guide: Get to know some of the differences between the three types of provider offices.

How to Use the Materials

  1. Read over the all of the materials so you understand the whole process.
  2. Choose the providers you will reach out to first, and print copies of your Introduction Letter. Sign the letter as a personal touch.
  3. Print out copies of the leave-behind flyer to bring with you.
  4. Start making connections!

Growing Your Network

Be yourself! Making connections in your community is more successful when you meet others through your own passions and interests. Try joining Facebook groups, work with local churches, social clubs, art or exercise groups, and more.

Finally, discover ways to let providers know you are a local resource. Social media is just one method to put the word out. Reference our Art of Prospecting Guide for more tips.

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