Senior Market Insurance Announcements

New Medicare Supplement Carrier: Western United Life Assurance

October 31, 2018

As we get into a new year, I have a lot of our guys asking me for a little bit of direction. Whether you’re not sure which company to take a look at or one of your go-tos has experienced a rate increase, I’d like to encourage you to take a look at Manhattan Life and Western United Life. 1. They’re sister companies, 2. they’re owned by the same people, and 3. they’re administered by the same people. Whether you go with Manhattan or Western United just depends on the state you’re in.Both have very competitive rates, and the admin down in Houston really has some of the best people out there.It’s easy to get things fixed when something goes wrong, and they do a wonderful job of helping out.Besides great rates and great service, they have the easiest electronic app out there.What we love about is that the consumer doesn’t need an email. You already know what kind of little problems you can run into with that, but no email is required.You can get your business underwritten at the point of sale if you want to, or you can send it in electronically or via paper. Another thing that may actually be the biggest thing is the app bonus for this quarter.For every underwritten app, they’re going to give you $100 bonus as long as you wrote at least 4 in that month. For open enrollment business, they’ll pay you $25 per app.It’s another extra way to get some marketing allowance money and to put some change back in your pocket on top of their regular comp.Take a good look at Manhattan Life and Western United Life. They’re on our quote engine, so run some sample rates, and if you need contracting, forms, or supplies, just give us a call at 888-780-7676.

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