MedicareCENTER Learning Essentials As You Prepare For AEP

MedicareCENTER Learning Essentials As You Prepare For AEP
October 5, 2021

Still getting used to MedicareCENTER? Maximize your AEP by mastering this innovative enrollment platform, made for agents in the senior market.

MedicareCENTER 101

Understanding MedicareCENTER 2.1 updates and the new interface

Step by step guide to the CSG APP

Walking thru the new Contact Management within MedicareCENTER

Understanding MedicareCENTER features (new version coming soon)

The basics: How to get registered

What is MedicareCENTER?

What’s new on MedicareCENTER? and

For Your Encouragement & Growth

Research: Understanding your clients with data

Cross selling best practices

Medicare 101 and how to educate your clients

  1. Understanding Medicare Plan Options
  2. Understanding the Basics - Medicare 101
  3. Understanding Medicare Eligibility

10 steps to a winning AEP during a pandemic

Growing your agency and business

Understanding Medicare Compliance in 15 Min.

Why CSG and eApps are essential this AEP

The do’s and don’t of AEP selling

How to use social media to grow

More Resources Coming Soon

Please keep in mind there will be additional resources coming soon to the Learning Center and the Vimeo page is updated weekly and sometimes daily. Check for updates here as well as within

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