ManhattanLife Announces OmniFlex, an Innovative Short-Term Care Product

ManhattanLife Announces OmniFlex, an Innovative Short-Term Care Product
July 14, 2023

ManhattanLife is excited to offer OmniFlex, a new Short-Term Care product underwritten by Standard Life & Casualty. OmniFlex is transforming the Short-Term Care Insurance (STCi) industry by offering simplified underwriting, affordability and unparalleled flexibility.

What sets OmniFlex STCi apart?

  • Simple 2-Tiered Underwriting - offers coverage to more individuals
  • Fast-50 Cash Benefit Option - 1st-day access to Cash Benefits that can even pay for help from a spouse, family, or friends
  • Built-In $300/Year RX Benefit - the only STCi with an RX benefit
  • Inflation Rider - grows facility, HHC and cash benefits with inflation
  • 10% Spousal Discount - couples save more when applying together
  • Facility & Home Hospice Coverage - rare in the STCi industry

Already contracted with ManhattanLife? OmniFlex should be showing in your 2.0 Direct portal. Start quoting today! Add this product for added client value. Ready to get contracted? OmniFlex will help differentiate your business in the marketplace with this in-demand product.

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