Lumico: New Code Signature Option for Med Supp Apps

Lumico: New Code Signature Option for Med Supp Apps
June 26, 2023

We're excited to announce Lumico's newest signature method... Code Signature!

Here's how Code Signature works:

  • Select the "Code Signature" option
  • On the pop-up screen, choose the "email" option for how you would like your client to receive their forms/disclosure (only "email" is available at this time...but we'll let you know when the "text message" option is available!)
  • Enter your client's email address
  • Your client will receive the 4-character authorization code via email
  • Ask your client to review the documents and verbally provide the code they were emailed
  • Enter the code on your screen to apply your client's signature to all documents

Over the next week, Code Signature will be available for any Lumico Med Supp apps you submit. It will replace Security Question Signature (qSig), as qSig is no longer recognized as an industry standard signature option.

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