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Let's Sweep the Top 5 Slots with Americo!

October 23, 2018

*By Jeff Sams* Since the second week of August, we have done over 500 applications with Americo. Great Job!!!We have talked and made sure you're very aware of the extra 8% bonus check Americo is offering. Remember: they will start paying that bonus for the first 4% when you hit $15,000 in production.We haven't talked much about *the super bonus that goes out to the Top 5 producers of Med Sup in the campaign*. The Top 5 Med Sup Reward qualifiers will receive: 1. $5,000 bonus for first place 2. $4,000 bonus for second place 3. $3,000 bonus for third place 4. $2,000 bonus for fourth place 5. $1,000 bonus for fifth place My question is how many New Horizons agents can we place in the top 5 producers in the company? Look at your list of companies, and if you're a top producer, there is no one offering more cash to you in the marketplace. I believe we have the best agents in the marketplace, and I would love to see our stable of producers win tons of money!Please kick it in the butt, and let's sweep the top 5. Happy Selling and note we are always pulling for you!!!

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