LeadCENTER Custom Ad Campaigns Are Here

LeadCENTER Custom Ad Campaigns Are Here
November 17, 2023

LeadCENTER empowers you to build your book of business in multiple ways so you can grow. You can already purchase leads to your specifications on the spot or build real-time lead campaigns to send new leads to you as data leads or warm phone transfers.

Now, LeadCENTER offers you a new opportunity — create custom ad campaigns that automatically send mailers to consumers based on your criteria. You own the leads that come in, giving you confidence and control.

How does it work? In just a few simple steps, you’ll choose from several available audiences and mailer types, set the geographic area and size of your campaign, preview the materials and complete your purchase. Everything else is automatic! The mailers are printed with your contact information and sent to consumers in 10 days.

LeadCENTER custom campaigns help you to get your name out in the market — you’ll be able to build both your book of business and establish your name in the areas you want.

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