Fixed Annuity Rates Are Now Up to 5.65%

Fixed Annuity Rates Are Now Up to 5.65%
November 1, 2022

Fall is in the air, but fixed annuity rates certainly aren't falling!

Agents who are signed up to get our 5-year Fixed Annuity Tip Sheet know that a huge rate change just came from Ohio State Life. Their 5-year MYGA just went up to 5.65%, a show-stopping rate that has all of saying WOW!

Download the Fixed Annuity Rate Desk Display to showcase this new rate and capture the attention of your prospects and clients!

Typically, rates over 4% interest senior clients right away. Rates over 5% are relatively unheard of, and we can now offer this to our clients!

If you are a senior market insurance agent, and you don't yet offer fixed annuities to your senior clients, NOW is the time to jump aboard.

Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to serve your clients with guaranteed rates that will give them peace of mind.

New to annuity sales?

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