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CSO Is Replacing CSI Life: What Independent Agents Need to Know

February 5, 2019

CSI Life is ending in IL, TX, and NE February 28, 2019. Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha (CSO) is coming in on March 4, 2019. They will be live in Illinois, Texas, and Nebraska at that time. From Feb 18-Mar 4, we can automatically and easily port CSI Life agents over to CSO, and *you don’t have to do full contracting*. This is a 2-week window that we should take advantage of!Now that we have the transition details out of the way, there are 3 big reasons to embrace CSO.------------------------------1) Tier 2 level agents are grandfathered in. We have a lot of Tier 2 level agents, which means they have more than 50 apps and they earn a higher comp because of it.*If you’re a Tier 2 agent, you’re locked in for life – even if your book drops beneath 50 lives. *Take that in for a second: you’ll get paid for life on that business, which is a big deal! You’re locked in there nicely, even though that book of business is going to get closed off. Plus, if you move your business to CSO, *you get a brand new 6 years and 100% comp*. Not all companies do that.2) CSO rates are very competitive. CSO's rates are officially out, and they’re very good rates. You can visit our quote engine and see those rates for IL, TX, and NE as long as you put a March 1 or later effective date. (Plan F is not available at this time. Call us at 888-780-7676 for details.)I think we can all agree that CSI Life has been a great run for all of us. Their rates aren’t competitive enough to compete anymore, but *CSO is coming in with very competitive rates.* 3) Same great admin with IAS. It feels like the introduction of CSO is a big change, but in reality, the admin is the same. *CSO will still use IAS in Clearwater. *Your *business will go to the same place*, you'll be dealing with the *same underwriters*, and so on. Nothing changes there.That also means it'll be the *same e-app platform*, so there's no learning curve there.Finally, *the app bonus is also the same as CSI Life* – if you issue 3 apps within a month, you'll be paid $100 for underwritten apps and $50 for open enrollment apps.***Some restrictions apply. See CSI Life bonus details for more information.* *Call us at 888-780-7676 with any questions you may have!*

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